About PyCon Israel

PyCon Israel is a conference dedicated to the Python programming language, related technologies, and their use. It is an event for practitioners to share knowledge and experiences, an opportunity to network, and an occasion to have some fun.The conference is the largest gathering of this community in Israel. It is held annually, almost every summer since 2016. In the spirit of Open Source, it is produced by a team of volunteers, under the auspices of Hamakor, the Israeli Free Software and Open Source organization.PyCon is a diverse conference dedicated to providing an enjoyable experience to everyone - and features international keynote speakers and talks from local Python experts, as well as community-building activities.


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the sponsors

Sponsorships enhance the resources available to the conference. Beyond improving the experience of the current conference, they help ensure the sustainability of similar conferences and events for the future.

A sponsorship level with a booth provides direct access to the conference visitors. Whether you are looking to sell a product or recruit employees, this is a focused channel linking you to the relevant audience.

Every sponsorship brands you as a supporter of Open Source, the Python ecosystem, and the local community.

And finally, a sponsorship can be a way to give back a little, to further the technologies your venture is built upon – in case you were looking for an opportunity to do just that.

For further details, please contact sponsors@pycon.org.il

Become a speaker

We’d love to learn about those awesome projects you are working on, come share those with the world! To make sure this conference totally rocks, we need your participation. We’re looking for creative, innovative talks that will expose the Python community to new ideas, practices or tools.