๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ Automation Thinking! - Automation to improve personal and work lives, and how to have the mindset of Automation

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04 July
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About the Session

What is your first association when you hear โ€œautomationโ€? Is it QA automation? Business Process Automation? Data Analysis? If we explore it deeply, we can reveal many undiscovered layers- many uses of automation in many aspects of life.Ever since my first position as an EDA Engineer - Electronics Design Automation Engineer โ€“ many years passed, I have been to many development positions, and I still find myself using these abilities I acquired, to improve my performance and excel in my tasks, both at work and my personal projects. Have you ever looked for a solution to ease your tasks in your personal or work life? Have you ever tried to think Automation? Can we really use it outside the defined world of automation jobs?In this lecture we will review together some real cases I dealt with and how I used Automation as a solution and improvement tool - automating repetitive commands, automating manual work, extracting information out of a big data and even writing a script that writes a reusable code. We will analyze the issues, review some code and discover the Power of Python in these tasks, and together we will train โ€œautomation thinkingโ€.Join me on the full fascinating tour of the automation mindset, and come out with a new and improved skill in your โ€œbag of tricksโ€.