What Are The PyPods?

A Pilot program which is planned to run during the day of Pycon 2023 conference, July 4th, on the coffee and lunchbreaks

Pods of discussion 10 Networking pods, operated by moderators, aimed to bring people together for roundtable conversation chatting about common professional topics interest.

Why? Our main motivation is to respond to the need of many job seekers to network and create new connections and job opportunities.

[BoF] PyPods is a unique form of a 'Birds of Feather' activity which is common at dev conferences.. (see more below).

About 'Birds of a Feather'

This is a common social activity at developers conferences around the world.

'Birds of a Feather' meetings are informal gatherings of individuals sharing the same interests.

They are usually unstructured and ad-hoc.

Birds of a feather meetings can be similar to communities of interest in that they may be organic in their development. Some conferences have slots set aside for them on specific subjects / interest areas.

Sponsors Are Welcome To Moderate A Pod

We welcome sponsors who wish to operate a pod to suggest a topic and run a networking group around it

We ask sponsors to keep an open and free discussion thatdoesn't self-promote or market a product.

What is the role of a Moderator?

The moderator owns and leads the pod activity.

Moderators help us with initial intro's prior to the confernece, meeting the group at the venue on the 'day of', and looking after the ongoing discussion.

What does this require? Minimal involvement - basic few intro messages on a slack channel before the conference, followed by loosely managed but super friendly intro and discussion during breaks.

We expect all moderators to make sure our guidelines of an inclusive and friendly discussion are kept. (Code of Conduct).

In a nutshell: How will this work

The PyPods Moderators & Topics

  • Ohad Einav & Ron Alfia- Generative AI - the Python Perspective
  • Omri Grinfeld & Michal Afek- Building your company’s brand through candidate experience
  • Hofit Marzouk- Speed Pod - Introduction to other conference attendies
  • Yotam Perkal- PySecurity
  • Ram Nathaniel- Clean Algo code, and how is it different from regular code
  • Lior Mizrahi- Cool Open Sources that worth knowing + Sprints Preperations
  • Orna Shalev- Becoming a Manager
  • Elad Jacob- Building your internal network of connections
  • Vicki Kalmanovich- Build or Buy?
  • Dana Beiski Nissan- Guiding Juniors: Finding your first job in tech

We Are Here For Questions

The pypods team is a sub-team of 4 Pycon organizers:

Ron Alfia
Deep Learning Algorithm Engineer @ Intel

Lior Mizrahi
Software Group Manager @ Bluevine

Yotam Perkal
Director, Vulnerability Research @ Rezilion

Michal Afek
Startup Recruitment Consultant